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Gallery Folders

Where Does It Go?
WIPs, Sketches, Lineart, Bases, etc.
CLOSED Normal Dragon
CLOSED Unique and Abnormal Dragons 1
CLOSED Unique and Abnormal Dragons 2
CLOSED Dragon Comics and FanFics
CLOSED Normal Wolves
CLOSED Unique and Abnormal Wolves 1
CLOSED Unique and Abnormal Wolves 2
CLOSED Canine Comics and Fanfics
CLOSED Dogs and Cats, Sparkle and Normal
CLOSED Feline Comics and Fanfics
CLOSED Other Mythical Creatures
CLOSED Rodents
CLOSED Line art
CLOSED Adoptables, YCH, Stamps, etc.
CLOSED Other or Mixed Animal Comics and Fanf
CLOSED Sketches



Submissions are now open!


Also, I am in need of at least one other person to help me with moderating duties.  If you're interested, please post a comment, send a note, or contact me ( rachaelm5 ) directly.


Folder Guidelines

Let's review our submission guidelines.  Some of these are new, and some have been around since the group's founding:

:bulletgreen:  Submission limit is three per day for Members, and seven per day for Contributors.

:bulletgreen:  Real, fantasy, and fanart creatures now go together in the appropriate creature folder.

:bulletgreen:  Ref Sheets have their own folder now.

:bulletgreen:  Ginga and The Lion King keep their own, separate folders.

:bulletgreen:  Pictures with groups of creatures can go in any folder that contains a creature of that type.  For example, if you have a dragon and a tiger in your picture, it could go in either the Dragons or Little Cats, Big Cats folder.

:bulletgreen:  We now have a special folder for you to use when you do not  know where your picture should go.  We will leave you a comment on your submission to this folder to explain where you can submit the picture.  You can then withdraw your picture and resubmit to the correct folder.  Please do so within 24 hours.  If you do not, I will decline the picture because I don't want a bunch of submissions cluttering up my inbox.  You can still resubmit it to the folder suggested in the comments.

:bulletgreen:  Images MUST be visible beneath your watermark.  If your watermark makes it almost impossible to see the image, your submission will be declined.  

:bulletred:  We do not accept normal humans, or mostly-human beings by themselves.  If the being has a human face and body shape, it will be declined.  However, it is okay if the human is part of a group of animals or creatures.  Also, note that Anthros or Furries - that is, animals with a human body shape, clothes, etc. - are accepted here.  They have their own folder.

:bulletred:  My Little Pony fanart is not accepted in this group, with the exception of the character Discord.  This is the Founder's personal preference.

:bulletred:  No advertisement submissions.  No price-list submissions.  No journal submissions.  These will all be declined.  This is different from Adoptables and YCH things.

:bulletred:  No photos of your action figures or plushies, UNLESS YOU WERE THE ONE WHO CREATED THEM.  If they're your own creations, then they are perfectly acceptable.


Folder Descriptions:

I realize that this is a very long list.  Please read through it and let me know if you have questions, concerns, or need anything clarified.

:bulletblue:Featured - Founder and Co-founder will choose the pictures that go in here.

:bulletblue:Where Does It Go? - If you're not sure which folder you should use, submit here and we will tell you in the submission comments where your picture should go.  Please do so within 24 hours.  If you do not, I will decline the picture.  You can still resubmit it to the folder suggested in the comments.

:bulletblue:Ginga Artwork, Comics, Fanfics, Etc. - This folder is for all things from the Ginga universe, and ONLY from the Ginga universe.

:bulletblue:The Lion King Artwork, Comics,  Fanfics, Etc. - This folder is for all things from The Lion King universe, and ONLY from The Lion King universe.

:bulletblue:Dragons of All Types - All feral dragons go in this folder (that means non-anthro).  This includes any dragon fanart, dragon-like Pokemon, etc.  Ref sheets go in the Ref  Sheets folder.

:bulletblue:Wolves of All Types - All feral wolves go in this folder (again, non-anthro).  This includes normal wolves, fantasy, SF, and horror wolves, and wolf fanart.   Ref sheets go in the Ref Sheets folder.

:bulletblue:Dogs, Foxes, Other Canine-Types - Any feral canine or vulpine-like creatures that are NOT WOLVES go here, including fanart.  Ref sheets go in the Ref  Sheets folder.

:bulletblue:Little Cats, Big Cats of All Types - Any feral big cat or little cat, real or fantasy or fanart, goes in this folder.  Ref sheets go in the Ref  Sheets folder.

:bulletblue:Birds, Phoenixes, Gryphons - Real and fantasy birds, phoenixes, and any kind of gryphon, or similar creature, goes in this folder.  Fanart included!  Ref sheets go in the Ref  Sheets folder.

:bulletblue:Hoofed Creatures - Any hoofed creature, real or fantasy or fanart, goes in this folder.  Remember, though, that we do NOT accept My Little Pony fanart.  Ref sheets go in the Ref  Sheets folder.  

:bulletblue:Dinosaurs, Reptiles, Amphibians - Anything generally saurian, reptilian, or amphibian that is NOT a dragon goes in this folder.  Ref sheets go in the Ref  Sheets folder. 

:bulletblue:Anthros,  Furries - Animals that have human body shapes, with or without clothing, go in this folder.  Please remember to mark your picture "Mature" if it contains nudity, and please keep DA's porn policies in mind.  If you are in violation of DA's policies, your picture will be declined and you will be reported to the admins.  It doesn't  happen often, but I do want to warn you about it beforehand.  Also, ref sheets go in the Ref  Sheets folder.

:bulletblue:All Other Creatures, Real and Imaginary - If your non-anthro creature doesn't fit in any of the above folders, then it can go in here.  Aliens, original species, rodents, rabbits, and others can go here.  Quite a few Pokemon fit in this category, for example.  Also, ref sheets go in the Ref  Sheets folder.

:bulletblue:Comics, Stories of All Types - Any comics or written stories go in this folder.  Any creature, most any subject.

:bulletblue:Ref Sheets for All Types - Ref sheets that show various views of your character or creature go in this folder.  Any species is welcome.

:bulletblue:Adoptables, YCH, Stamps, Etc. - Any kind of adoptable creature goes here, whether for free or for a fee.  YCH (Your Character Here) free and fee pieces go in this folder.  Stamps, journal dolls, pointables, and anything else of this nature also go in this folder.

:bulletblue:Photography - Photographs of real animals, and ONLY real animals, go here.

:bulletblue:WIPs, Sketches, Lineart, Bases, Etc. - Any unfinished art, whether a WIP (work in progress), sketch, doodle, uncolored line drawing, base or template, etc., goes here.  However, if the line drawing is an adoptable or YCH, it should go in that folder.
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:star: ~.::RULES AND FOLDER DESCRIPTIONS::.~ claws-and-paws-4ever.deviantar… :star:


Hey there guys this is the Founder speaking here to thanx everyone who has been uploading to the group and helping us get bigger ^^










Group Info

a place where artist's and lovers of anything with Claws and/or Paws can come together, and share their works with the world... and make new friends ^^
Founded 6 Years ago
Mar 23, 2010


Group Focus
Anything With Claws and/or Paws

2,025 Members
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